The funny thing about men and women |

The funny thing about men and women

Comedian Robert Dubac is the writer and only performing in The Male Intellect: An Oxymoron? Image courtesy of Robert Dubac.

Ask comedian Robert Dubac who would appreciate "The Male Intellect: An Oxymoron?" and he’ll give you a pretty simple response.

"There are two types of people who should see this show," he’ll say. "Men and women."

He says that just about anyone will like "The Male Intellect," which he wrote and in which her performs.

The show is a one-man play with a collection of characters and a set storyline that gives Dubac a chance to perform outside the bounds of typical a typical comedy routine.

"It’s really a fabulous combination of theatre and standup comedy," said Jessica Kunzer, the director of development at the Egyptian Theatre, where Dubac will perform his show this coming Friday and Saturday, Jan. 6 and 7.

Dubac came to the Egyptian after talking to his good friend, fellow comedian and Egyptian Theatre Company board member Bill Engvall. The show fit nicely into his schedule.

"In the wintertime, I try to book these small ski towns," said Dubac.

He said his shows here offered an excellent opportunity to see some new ski hills.

"I’ve skied a lot in Utah," he noted, "but I’ve never skied in Park City."

So not only will he have the chance to present a pair of shows, but he’ll also get to do some recreating as well. Parkites, though, will likely be much more interested in his comedic talents.

"The Male Intellect" tells the story of a man, Bobby, trying to figure out why his fianc dumped him and what, exactly, women want. He gathers advice from five chauvinists. Dubac, of course, plays each of the characters, seamlessly morphing from one to another.

"When the curtain opens, the stage represents the inside of his brain," said Dubac. "The left side is the masculine side of his brain and the right side is the feminine one."

The left side, he continued, is decorated the classic fraternity-house style, messy and dirty, while the right is nearly barren.

"It’s about a man’s way of thinking," said Dubac.

But, as one might guess, the show never takes itself too seriously. Rather, it focuses on the humor behind Bobby’s problems.

"It’s poking fun at men, because men can poke fun at men," said Dubac. "Men can’t poke fun at women. It’s just the way it is."

The show came from Dubac’s observations of many of the men he knew his friends and others. When he was younger, he said he saw the boys he knew trying to become men, but as instead of doing so, they became grown-up boys.

Very few men outgrow their chauvinism, he noted. But "The Male Intellect" is about one doing just that.

"This is kind of to show the chauvinists that it’s OK to see a different point of view," said Dubac.

The play, he said, is meant to show men that it’s OK to find a feminine side without sacrificing their masculinity.

"It’s not pedestrian, either," Dubac added. "There’s points of view that haven’t been brought up."

According to the playwright, the comedy is intelligent, prescient, using metaphors and images, but people can also understand it.

"This resonates with people," he said, "and they have a tendency to talk about it over and over again."

Dubac has been doing the show for 10 years. He updates it as needed, but for the most part, he said, the format stays the same.

"It’s an evergreen," he said, "because there’s no time in it."

While he does two other shows as well, those are newer and have less demand. So, "The Male Intellect" is his bread and butter. It works because of its simplicity and its universality.

"It’s a story about a guy who figures out what women want, and he does it in 90 minutes while drinking a beer," said Dubac.

And, he noted, everyone will laugh.

"It’s the funniest 90 minutes of comedy you’ll ever see," he said.

"The Male Intellect: An Oxymoron?" will play Friday and Saturday, Jan. 6 and 7 at 7:30 p.m. in the Egyptian Theatre in Park City. The show is recommended for people ages 14 and older. Tickets to the event range from $27-$50. Cabaret seating is available, and before the first show, there will be a reception with Dubac for an additional $40. For more information, or for tickets, visit or call 649-9371.

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