The Inner Journey to Healing |

The Inner Journey to Healing

Kelly Evertsen, Of the Record Staff

Stars crossed for two individuals who have sought healing through the ancient meditation and Buddhist and Jewish theories geared toward the inner healing of the energy bodies and physical bodies of humans, plants and animals.

Shammy and Rita Singh recently opened The Inner Journey Healing Center in Kimball Junction. The couple says they hope Parkites will discover the ancient methods and techniques for healing body and mind as an alternative to psychotherapy or surgery.

Shamsher "Shammy" Singh grew up in the northern Indian Himalayas, near the border of Tibet. His uncle and brother are both Buddhist monks in the Lama Gonpa Monastery in Kardang Village, India. Shammy said he’s always been intrigued and interested in the Buddhist religion and ancient meditation since he was a young child.

"I was raised in the Buddhist [religion]," Shammy said. "From my early childhood, I was curious about mediation At age 29, I found my spiritual path."

Shammy learned the art of meditation himself during an intense three-year, three-month, three-day course studying in the Himalayas.

Rita was born in Chicago and raised in the southwest countryside of Illinois, the web site reads. Rita said she enjoyed the country life and it’s solitude and nature. She attended grade school and high school in Lockport, Illinois and then moved to Chicago to begin her professional life in sales and management. However, she said she did not feel fulfilled in the business world. Rita then started studying courses in Reiki, a Japanese form of healing and earned the level of Master or Teacher. She took courses in Bache Flower therapy from the Barbara Brenne School of Healing, as well as extensive courses in Rolf’s Protocol, a method of body massage that is said to relieve and heal chronic pain. Rita experienced chronic pain herself in her knees, hips, shoulders and neck and was so "moved by the effectiveness of the Rolfing work," that she decided to become a Rolfer, herself. The art of Rolfing requires a background in anatomy and physiology. Rita received her certification and massage therapy license from the American Institute of Massage Therapy in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. and later attended The Guild for Structural Integration in Boulder, Colo. where she became certified in Rolfing.

Rita took her first trip to India in 1996. It impacted her so much, she said, that she went back in 2001 to study various forms of breathwork therapies and meditations. Shammy and Rita Singh met in the Himalayas during her second visit to his country. Shammy was working for a travel agency at that time. The two met and immediately hit it off, Rita said. They traveled together to various Buddhist monasteries and libraries with Shammy acting as Rita’s translator. The energy healers said they discovered they shared a lot in common during the six months they spent together traveling. Rita and Shammy wed in December of 2002 in Florida when Shammy first came to America a few months earlier.

The two have now opened The Inner Journey Healing Center at Kimball Junction.

Rita and Shammy explained the kinetics of the meditation and healing process in the techniques they use at the clinic.

"Every problem occurs in the energy body and then goes to the physical body," Shammy explained.

Shammy specializes in Pranic healing, pet healing and distance healing. He said he is able to open problems in the energy body, which, in turn, heals a person’s or animal’s physical body.

Rita and Shammy said they once healed a little boy’s sinus problem, which had not improved after surgery. The boy was forced to sleep face-down because his nose and throat had to constantly drain. After doing inner healing sessions with Shammy, the boy’s sinus problem went away and he could breath normally again.

Shammy’s healing sessions do not require touching or removing one’s clothes. The person is allowed to relax on a massage table, listen to soothing music and experience meditation techniques where the healer detects problems in the psyche or body that have caused "blockages" in a person’s energy or physical anatomy.

"I bring everything back into balance," Shammy said.

Rita said these types of techniques do not require faith or a belief in a god.

"We’re not calling on the gods," she said. "What we do is very practical."

She said the methods have been proven by scientists and philosophers alike as an effective way to regulate body temperature and keep the a person’s body in sync.

Shammy once detected a woman’s fibroids when she came in for a session. She had been suffering from fibroids for years and did not tell Shammy about the problem. However, while he was doing his meditation techniques, he detected the problem. Shammy said the woman’s ultra sound later revealed her fibroids had shrunk one-half of an inch after doing six sessions with Shammy.

"He truly has a gift," Rita said of her husband, Shammy.

Rita explained that shakras, or energy containers, and meridians, in a person’s body, regulate the amount of energy contained in a certain area of a person’s body at one time. Through meditation and actual contact massage techniques, Rita can manipulate a person’s energy shakras to heal chronic pain, posture problems or other anatomical problems.

"A lot people say ‘I wish I would have done this first,’ [before surgery or other methods]" Rita said of Rolfing. "They feel a change after every session."

The Singh couple specializes in Pranic Healing, Animal Healing, Rolfing, Distance Healing, Breathwork and massage therapy at The Inner Journey Healing Center. They offer free consulting appointments for those interested in knowing what meditation techniques would be most appropriate for them. The center is located at 1441 Ute Blvd., in Suite 160, at Kimball Junction. For more information, visit or call (435) 503-2622 for an appointment.

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