The Light Body School comes to P.C. |

The Light Body School comes to P.C.

Megan Yeiter , The Park Record

The Four Winds Society brings energy medicine and healing practices to The Prospector in Park City every year.

Linda Fitch, Four Winds Society CEO and dean, said this is the organization’s fourth year offering The Light Body School classes at the hotel.

Fitch said the society offers 15 workshops in Park City throughout the year, with additional classes offered around the world.

The organization has been in business 30 years and Fitch has been practicing for 12 years.

According to Fitch, more than 130 students and faculty will gather for the week-long workshop at The Prospector starting July 25.

Fitch said one of the benefits of holding the classes at the hotel is its close proximity to nature and scenery and the FWS offices.

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She said most of the students are health conscious and enjoy access to the Silver Mountain Sports Club along with Park City’s dining options.

Two thirds of the society’s members are women between the ages of 35.

Fitch said each class holds a ceremony, which allows students to gather around a ceremonial fire and step into another place. She said the group always calls on the lineage of the land, the ancient ones, to join the ritual.

Fitch explained that in the western world people get caught in a place of the mind, because this is an information-oriented society. She said the school teaches students to work at a level within the soul.

Fitch said one of her favorite parts about The Light Body School is watching the students change and feel cared for in that environment.

"To see shifts that they go through and to see it flow," she said.

Fitch said the students are also eager to learn.

"Students want to make themselves better and make the world a better place. They are very appreciative," she said.

Fitch said the hotel offers a space for the students to create healing stones and sand paintings outside.

John Sands, The Prospector general manager, said he often finds interesting objects in the property’s gardens and attributes his findings to the students.

Fitch said each day starts with meditation and breathing stillness exercises, followed by yoga.

Next week, students will begin classes about family ties and their ancestry or one of Fitch’s favorite classes, which teaches the students how to die consciously.

Tuition for The Light Body School costs approximately $1,600 per workshop. The Four Winds Society also offers scholarships and work-study discounts.