The new faces of Coldstone Creamery |

The new faces of Coldstone Creamery


Matt and Jessie Bost are both graduates from Park City High School and have lived here since.. On trips to Hood River, Oregon to kiteboard they fell in love with that town’s ice cream parlor. Ever since, Matt Bost said, they dreamed of opening one in Park City.

The Coldstone Creamery next to the Redstone 8 Cinemas successfully churned out profits through a chilly recession the last 18 months, but Bost said the owner wanted to focus more attention on his other businesses. He and his wife scooped up the chance to live their dream.

The majority of Bost’s career has been spent managing local ski shops. He’s well acquainted with proper business practices to maintain a successful small business, he said. Jessie runs a mobile dog grooming service. Bost said he’s confident in their success and is encouraged by the signs of economic recovery.

"It’s a perfect opportunity and the timing is just right," he said.

Bost is supportive of the Coldstone Creamery franchise because of its product, he said.

"We offer premium ice cream unmatched in quality and taste in my opinion," he said. "It’s also a fun environment, that’s huge as well."

Bost’s second job when he was a youngster was at a Ben & Jerry’s shop in South Carolina as a teenager. He has fond memories of the experience and said there are few working atmospheres more enjoyable than an ice cream parlor.

"I’m returning to my roots," he said. "It’s a ton of fun any day you wake up excited to go to work."

Bost said he and Jessie would like to raise the profile of Coldstone in Park City. He plans to be present at more community events selling his wares. With Jessie’s experience running a mobile business, Matt said they’re planning to soon create an ice cream truck they can drive around.

Coldstone is well known for its cones, but the franchise is heavily pushing its ice cream cakes, he said. Smaller versions can be purchased in the form of chocolate-cup ice cream cupcakes. Ice cream pies come in peach cobbler, key lime and other flavors. Brand new are jumbo-sized ice cream cookies.

"We’ve grown up in this community and love it. We look forward to being here many years to come," he said.