The Park Record editorial, April 17-20, 2010 |

The Park Record editorial, April 17-20, 2010

It's the Racquet Club's time for funding

Good thing the renovation of the Racquet Club, a long-overdue project that City Hall is readying to start, did not depend on a decision by a Summit County panel that gets to suggest how the County Courthouse divvies up funds raised by a tax meant for recreation, arts and parks projects.

The panel, known as the Summit County Recreation, Arts and Parks Tax Recreation Advisory Committee, this week made a questionable decision by not recommending City Hall receive the full amount of the grant that it requested for the Racquet Club work.

City Hall is deserving of the $350,000 that it had requested, even though that would mean all the other applications would need to split the remaining $130,000 that is available this year. The panel recommended City Hall receive $100,000, less than a third of what was requested.

The Racquet Club renovation, indeed, will be one of the largest publicly financed recreation projects ever undertaken in Summit County. With a price tag of nearly $10.5 million, Park City leaders have acknowledged the importance of the facility, and health and fitness, to the community. The Park City Council during the impending budget talks will determine whether the renovation proceeds.

Groundbreaking could come as early as midsummer. If it does, the $250,000 that the Summit County panel wants rejected would have been a nice contribution to a facility that many people outside the Park City limits enjoy. Anyone who lives within the Park City School District boundaries, not just people who live within the Park City limits, is allowed to use the Racquet Club for a reduced rate designed for residents.

We understand that there is a limited amount of money available, and the Racquet Club is recommended to receive the largest of the grants, but weighing the renovation against some of the others recommended for funding leaves us a little disappointed.

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When the Summit County Council considers the recommendations next week, we hope the elected officials overrule the panel and fully fund the Racquet Club request. The other, smaller projects are appreciated for what they will bring to their communities, but the Racquet Club renovation should take precedence this year as it benefits many more people.