The Park Record Editorial Dec. 3, 2008 |

The Park Record Editorial Dec. 3, 2008

Families may be planning to pinch pennies this holiday season, but it is likely their gift list isn’t getting any shorter. That means they will be trying to squeeze as much value as possible out of every dollar. But, we believe, value means more than just getting a bargain.

When it comes to gift giving, the intangibles — like finding something personal, unexpected and unique — trump the mark-off on the price tag. That doesn’t mean you need to run up your own portion of the national debt; it just means it may take a little more time and energy to find something simple but meaningful.

We would argue that you are more likely to find that serendipitous one-of-a kind present right here in Summit County rather than on the Internet. Think of it this way – hiking up and down the streets of Park City, Kamas and Coalville, bending and browsing and then bench-pressing packages is a form of aerobic exercise — much better for your cholesterol level than armchair surfing while snacking on Thanksgiving leftovers.

Or this way — wrapping a gift by hand adds immeasurably to its charm. Imagine a pile of mystery packages wrapped in mismatched holiday designs under the tree compared to those ubiquitous UPS packages from Megazon and Dull. Most importantly, of course, shopping with homegrown retailers boosts the local economy which, in turn, reverberates in positive ways throughout the community.

Local businesses pump sales-tax revenues back into city and county coffers that help pay for services like roadwork and public safety. Those same merchants also pump regular donations of goods and services into area charities. (It is a good bet that most of the nationwide chains don’t donate to the local food bank or domestic violence shelter.)

In addition, the business owners on Main Street, at Redstone and throughout the county, are our neighbors. When their businesses are doing well, their families are healthier and happier.

While the federal government stumbles around looking for ways to jumpstart the economy, you can do your part by shopping at the businesses that make our communities successful.

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