The Park Record editorial, December 21-22, 2011 |

The Park Record editorial, December 21-22, 2011

Finding last-minute holiday gifts in the neighborhood

It is time to launch that last-minute dash for one more present, just to make sure every family member, house guest and friend has something special to unwrap. With postal deadlines long gone and even super-urgent-express Internet delivery all but impossible, the best alternative is to go exploring among your neighborhood’s local merchants. You will find that the choices there are diverse, suited to our lifestyle and often homegrown and handmade. Even better, the dollars you spend will reverberate in the community.

Admittedly, it has been another lean year, though Summit County residents have found creative ways to stretch their budgets. The upshot is that government and nonprofit agencies are still strapped. Spending locally, however, will add tax revenues to the city, county and school district bottom lines and will support the many merchants who donate goods and services to the nonprofits year round.

Keeping the local economy humming is also essential to preserving jobs. With careful planning and diligent accounting, both Summit County and the Park City School District found ways this year to offer their employees salary increases. Hopefully, those employees will return the favor by patronizing businesses owned by local taxpayers.

In addition to topping off the pile of presents, residents may also be looking for ways to make one more end-of-year tax-deductible donation to a worthy charity. We would venture to suggest that those donations would be well spent right here in Summit County. You could even take care of both assignments, getting an appropriate gift for a difficult-to-please recipient and supporting a local cause by giving a gift in someone else’s name. For instance, you might make a donation to Friends of Animals Utah on behalf of a dog lover who really doesn’t need another coffee-table novelty. Or you might honor the memory of someone who passed away this year with a donation in his/her name to a cause they held dear. The Park City Museum, Summit Land Conservancy and others will make sure the families will cherish that gift.

To find a list of Summit County-based charities go to or and type Park City, Utah into the search bar.