The Park Record editorial, July 18, 2009 |

The Park Record editorial, July 18, 2009

Dog park doesn't come with all the trimmings

Local dog owners and their pets have sniffed out the city’s new dog park, but they haven’t fully embraced it. For now, many say they’d rather frolic in their old haunts, like the field next to the Park City library and the ponds at Deer Valley’s Snow Park, than swelter under the sun at City Bark.

We can understand why. The nascent dog park at Quinn’s Junction is little more than a fenced-in weed patch, with little shade or water. Still, it is an important beginning.

Residents who have lived in Park City for a decade or more can attest to the city’s shrinking pet-friendly environs. Round Valley, Empire Pass and the hills north of Park Meadows used to be an open range for dog lovers and their companions. Over the years, though, those untrammeled acres have been gradually fenced off, paved over and gated, squeezing runners, cyclists, equestrians, dog owners and wildlife into ever-smaller patches of green space. To be honest, they don’t always play well together.

For the time being, the canine community seems to be policing itself well at the most popular dog spots, but even those are not guaranteed to last. Deer Valley has plans to develop the Snow Park parking area, which will likely crowd the ponds and limit the dog-walking opportunities, and the field at the library is already seeing pressure for a variety of uses especially as a preschool playground.

Therefore, we believe it would behoove those who crave a little unleashed freedom to invest time and effort into City Bark now, so that when other options disappear, the dog park will be a more hospitable alternative.

A group of citizens has already made a commitment to raise funds for shrubs and water features at the Quinn’s site. But they could use support. To donate or get involved, log on to

Trees don’t grow overnight and, if you want a shady spot to play fetch in a few years, now is the time to plant them.

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