The Park Record editorial., July 25, 2009 |

The Park Record editorial., July 25, 2009

If you don't build it, they won't come

When the American Skiing Company, the original developer of The Canyons, was negotiating with Summit County on the ultimate size of the resort, they made several promises. While some of them have been kept, one of the big ones is long overdue: there is still no golf course at The Canyons.

In exchange for promising to include a golf course, the American Skiing Company was given a go-ahead to add additional commercial projects around the base of the resort. Some of those projects have since come to fruition but the golf course has not.

Granted, the mechanics of the Specially Planned Area (SPA) that involves several individual landowners are complicated. While the concept of a golf course initially had their universal support, turning the idea into actual greens and fairways has turned into an inescapable sand trap. Unfortunately, many of the people who bought condominiums in the SPA were told they would be in putting distance from a golf course. They are still waiting.

This month, Summit County will release a report that attempts to untangle the snarl of controversy that has surrounded previous attempts to finalize the layout of the course. And representatives of Talisker Corp., that inherited the problem from ASC, say they are as anxious as the county is to resolve the issue.

But apparently there are still stumbling blocks. One of the biggest seems to be finding a way to satisfy Wolf Mountain Resorts another major player in the original agreement to build the resort.

Kenny Griswold, the managing partner of Wolf Mountain, previously claimed that he is not holding up the golf course. But, as evidenced by the number of lawsuits bearing his name, he has not made the process any easier either. As one of the major beneficiaries of the additional density granted to The Canyons by the county, we believe it is high time for Wolf Mountain to play a lead role in expediting the project.

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We hope that all of the parties involved will heed the county’s recommendation when the report is released and that we will soon see people teeing off at The Canyons.