The Park Record editorial, July 3-6, 2010 |

The Park Record editorial, July 3-6, 2010

Keep stupid human tricks to a minimum this weekend

Even without explosive devices, bucking broncs, jet skis and a three-day holiday, humans manage to get themselves into trouble. But this super-sized Fourth of July weekend promises to challenge even the meekest revelers’ sense of restraint.

With its world-class mountain resorts in Park City and rugged wilderness areas on the East Side in full gear, Summit County is both a vacationer’s dreamscape and a public safety officer’s nightmare.

We are hoping for more of the former than the latter this weekend.

Utah Highway Patrollers, sheriff’s deputies, police officers, firefighters and emergency medical technicians will all be on high alert this weekend, but they will need your help to make sure they are not overwhelmed. That means keeping your wits about you when handling fireworks and motorized vehicles (on land and water), paying attention to the mountains’ notoriously changeable weather, keeping small kids and animals (great and small) under close supervision and chasing all alcoholic beverages with an extra shot of common sense.

In addition to keeping an eye on their own tribe, residents and visitors can help public safety officials by paying a little extra attention to their surroundings. The only thing worse than being involved in an accident yourself may be arriving at the scene of an accident and not knowing what to do.

Fortunately local jurisdictions maintain several highly professional rescue teams, from trained search-and-rescue personnel to swat teams, all ready to respond at a moment’s notice. Their effectiveness, though, is dependent in large measure by how quickly they are summoned and the accuracy of the information they receive. Everyone from adults to kids should rehearse the basics of making a 911 call and should carry identification, especially if hiking or biking alone.

The welcome mat is out in Summit County: the weather is supposed to be superb, the rodeo stock is loading into the chutes in Oakley, the symphony is tuning up for Saturday’s concert at Deer Valley, the Silly Market meisters are preparing for a festive Saturday event and parade floats are getting their final touches all around the county.

So have fun, but stay safe.

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