The Park Record editorial, June 16-18, 2010 |

The Park Record editorial, June 16-18, 2010

Our military families do more than their share

On Monday, Park City resident Adam Kelley received a Purple Heart in recognition of the injuries he sustained while fighting for his country in Iraq. Among those in attendance at Camp Williams was Kelley’s grandfather, Jim Santy, a war veteran himself, and a former Park City Councilman. Santy also served on the Park City Board of Education.

The news made us reflect on the profound sacrifices their family has made on behalf of our community and country. It also inspired us to humbly reflect on our own contributions.

Some express their patriotism, both local and federal, by running for office. Others serve on local nonprofit boards and committees. Either way, Park City, and all of the communities around Summit County, have been the benefactors of countless hours of community service.

But perhaps the greatest contribution of all comes from those who send a family member overseas in the military. It is a huge sacrifice on the part of the enlistee and his or her family, one that few of us can fully comprehend.

Unfortunately, just as we happily received the news of Kelley’s award, we learned that another Park City soldier had been badly injured in Afghanistan. Last week, Michael E. Gonzales, a recent graduate from Park City High School, lost a leg due to a bomb blast. His family, including his grandfather, Leonard Lukenbach, is anxiously awaiting further word on his condition.

We fervently hope that we will also be privileged to report on Michael’s safe return and a happy reunion with his grandfather at another Purple Heart ceremony.

In the meantime, we will try to do our part by creating the kind of community our young soldiers can be proud to fight for.