The Park Record Editorial June 25-27, 2008 |

The Park Record Editorial June 25-27, 2008

The harder we play, the harder they work

It was a typical summer weekend in Summit County. Friday night, Park City’s Main Street was closed to traffic in order to make room for a giant outdoor dinner party. Then on Saturday morning, cyclists cranked their way up the Mirror Lake Highway in an annual endurance ride from Kamas to Evanston. In the meantime, on another state thoroughfare, runners were jogging along the highway as part of a massive all-day and all-night relay. Mixed in with all of the racers were loads of sportsmen hauling boats, horse trailers, mountain bikes and ATVs to nearby lakes and trailheads.

Next weekend, mountain bikers will converge on Deer Valley for a national competition, Mountain Town Stages will begin hosting its outdoor concerts and of course, throngs will gather at the Sunday Silly Market on lower Main Street. Then throughout the Fourth of July holiday, there will be parades, rodeos, running races and concerts.

The merriment is expected to continue through Labor Day. But while most of the county is at play, a large contingent of law enforcement and public safety officers will be working overtime to make sure everyone gets home safely.

Special events are a Summit County specialty, but each one creates logistical challenges for police, sheriff and highway patrol officers especially events that require road closures.

The motorcycle-mounted Utah Highway Patrolmen who manned the rolling closure over the Uinta mountains Saturday, as well as the sheriff’s deputies who patiently spotted for the bikers and runners long after the sun went down, deserve a hearty round of thanks.

Unfortunately, most of the feedback uniformed officers receive from overheated, impatient drivers consists of scowls and growls. But, on those occasions when the fun suddenly turns into an emergency, there is no way to fully express our gratitude for their efforts.

If you participate in a race this summer, or find yourself in a traffic jam while trying to get a prime parking space at a concert, take a moment to thank the law enforcement officials who are likely working extra shifts so you can enjoy summer to the fullest.

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