The Park Record editorial, June 29-July 1, 2011 |

The Park Record editorial, June 29-July 1, 2011

It's time for City Council candidates to step forward

We have always admired political candidates who declare their intentions early. It means they have done their homework ahead of time, measured their level of commitment and are ready to serve. Incumbent Park City Councilmember Liza Simpson fits that bill. She announced this week, in advance of the opening of the filing window, that she will seek a second term in office.

Her seat, along with those currently held by Joe Kernan and Dick Peek are on November’s ballot.

So far, Kernan has waffled about his plans, saying his decision depends on who else is running. The councilman has implied that he will bow out if he feels that his issues will be represented by another candidate. That suggests to us, however, that he is ambivalent about the job. If that is true, he should gracefully step aside.

Dick Peek was appointed to fill the remainder of the late Candy Erickson’s term. He has not made a definitive declaration about his intentions but deserves a little leeway because he has only been in office for a few months and may still be evaluating whether the position suits him. Still, we would hope to see a firm commitment soon.

Park City registered voters who have been residents for at least a year can file to run for a four-year term City Council between July 1 and 15. Hopefully, a large and diverse field of candidates will participate.

It is not an easy job, but helping to guide your community’s future can be a rewarding experience. In January the newly seated council will have a number of watershed decisions to make. It is likely that they will be the ones to decide the outcome of the Treasure development and they will help to establish the foundation for the Bonanza Park redevelopment project. The new council will also continue to grapple with development proposals along the eastern entryway to the city and may also be the first to see development applications for the parking lots and open space at the base of Deer Valley.

The current city council has taken strong stands on environmental initiatives, has battled the state legislature on a number of issues, and has endeavored to find unconventional solutions to a number of growth and development issues. The new council will be tasked with bringing those efforts to fruition or, perhaps, going in an altogether different direction.

With that in mind, we hope that citizens from a wide variety of backgrounds and political persuasions will consider taking a leadership role in the city, and that those who are willing to serve without bias or desire for personal gain will choose to run for a seat at the table. For more information about the filing requirements please contact Park City election official Sharon Bauman at City Hall, 615-5184.


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