The Park record Editorial, June 5, 2010 |

The Park record Editorial, June 5, 2010

PCHS grads are up to the challenge

The world we are handing over to today’s graduates is not exactly in the shape we had hoped but we are confidant this batch of students will be able to improve upon our efforts.

When we were their age, we glibly believed that we could end war, feed all of the hungry children on the globe and find a way to prosper without harming the environment. Well, we are still working on it. Unfortunately the class of 2010 must deal with many of the same problems we had hoped to solve by now.

Our spirits have been buoyed already by reporting on so many of Park City’s students who have reached out to those in need sharing their optimism and energy in a wide variety of innovative ways.

Local students have traveled around the world to build school houses, collected money, books and school supplies earthquake victims in Haiti, taught sign language in Africa and raised money for Nepalese orphans. They have also devoted their talents to countless local nonprofits, volunteering for environmental, health and arts organizations.

We are proud of their accomplishments and we are anxious to follow their progress in the years to come.

Sometimes we worry that today’s challenges may be insurmountable. The country is still at war, the global economy is still unstable and our environmental track record took a giant dive this month in the Gulf of Mexico. But when we think about Park City High School students’ already-proven track record of commitment, compassion and intelligence we are certain that the world will be a better place thanks to their contributions.