The Park Record editorial, May 18-20, 2011 |

The Park Record editorial, May 18-20, 2011

hiring an intern, you'll be helping your business too

If you own a business in Summit County, you have likely received a similar request. An enthusiastic high school or college student is contemplating a career in your profession and wants to know if there any possibility of an internship.

Please say yes.

At The Park Record our spirits are lifted immeasurably when a young person expresses an interest in pursuing a career in journalism. It helps us remember our own days as cub reporters and the idealism that accompanied us on every assignment.

These days, we know that getting into a good college or securing a job in a particular discipline is more difficult than ever and any leg up that we can offer is important.

It is the same story, we imagine, in every profession. New graduates are competing for fewer jobs in increasingly competitive markets and a degree isn’t necessarily enough to land meaningful work in their chosen field.

Therefore, we encourage local professionals to mentor as many of these ambitious kids as possible this summer. From experience we know that the mentoring is often mutual and that an intern’s energy can be an inspiration for the whole staff.

Summit County is lucky compared to many areas of the country. The economy is diverse and did not suffer as severely as it did in other areas. And, in a world-class destination resort, many local businesses are leaders in their fields and have a lot of expertise to share with those who are just starting out.

Our community also prides itself on being at the forefront of new initiatives like sustainability, and many of the schools that these students attend now offer courses that that cover the latest innovations in alternative energy, high-tech communications, etc. They may have as much to offer us as we have to offer them.

Supporting education goes beyond contributing to local schools. It extends to helping the next generation get a foothold in the workplace.

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