The Park Record Editorial, May 22, 2010 |

The Park Record Editorial, May 22, 2010

Today might not be the best day to broach the subject of prom expenses. Park City High School is holding its prom tonight at the state capitol. The corsages have been bought, the tuxedos rented and the dresses are on the credit card. Many of the kids have worked hard to pay for a memory that will likely last a lifetime and they deserve to enjoy every minute of it, guilt free.

But the rest of us might want to take a moment this weekend to consider whether there are some students not only in Park City but also in North and South Summit and around the country who can no longer afford to attend their own high school proms.

The tradition has become increasingly elaborate, from choosing a date to selecting a location and theme. As a result, expectations and prices have grown year by year. Including formal attire, transportation and tickets to the event itself a student (and his or her family) can expect to spend an average of $400 or more on this one evening.

It is worth it — especially if it means that some classmates will not be able to attend?

This is a question best asked by the kids themselves and we hope that some of our local student leaders will consider it early in the coming school year. For our part, we would applaud the class that decides to throw a Recession Ball as their prom theme complete with thrift store attire and recycled décor.

OK, we can already hear audible groans coming from the teens in our lives, but let’s encourage them to mull the idea over the summer. Let them imagine a little less stress during the last week of school about who to ask, what to wear and how to pay for it.

Consider this a challenge to the Class of 2011. Organize a prom based on all-inclusive admission regardless of date-status or ability to pay. Welcome singles as well as couples, share rides and put a little more imagination and a little less cash into the event.

It may just be the most memorable prom ever.

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