The Park Record editorial, May 23, 2009 |

The Park Record editorial, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day: a time to celebrate Park City's ancestors

On Monday, throughout Summit County, families will take time to remember their ancestors. Some, who grew up here, will have the opportunity to visit relatives’ graves, but recent transplants will have to be content with paying their respects in less tangible ways.

Either way, in our transient culture it is especially valuable to touch base with our roots. In fact, even residents who do not have a particular grave to honor this weekend might want to wander through one of Park City’s older cemeteries and contemplate how hard those early pioneers worked to establish a home in this rugged terrain.

Some of the smaller stones will remind you of how fragile children’s lives were before vaccines and the other benefits of modern medicine. Our worries about H1N1 flu seem trivial by comparison to the to the killers of their day like smallpox and polio.

Other monuments suggest generations of stories about mining, firefighting and going off to war.

Park City has a rich history and, thanks to the work of many dedicated volunteers and passionate elected officials, many artifacts and buildings have been preserved. The Glenwood Cemetery is one of those treasures but, unlike the iconic historic structures on Main Street, the five-acre jewel tucked away near the base of Park City Mountain Resort is seldom recognized except on Memorial Day. Many of the gravestones date back to 1885 when the cemetery was established.

There long-time Park City residents can stroll among their predecessors, remember the good old days and also earn a greater appreciation of the comforts we now enjoy.

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If your own great grandparents are buried in another part of the country, you might consider paying tribute to them by laying a wreath or a bouquet of wildflowers on a gravesite at Glenwood. You will not only be honoring one of the people who helped make Park City what it is today but will also be nurturing your own Utah roots.