The Park Record editorial, May 27, 2009 |

The Park Record editorial, May 27, 2009

Open your office to an intern this summer

In the wake of this year’s economic slowdown there are a few empty workstations at The Park Record. We are guessing there are a couple of vacant cubicles at your office too. And, while most think the worst of the financial meltdown is over, no one has quite regained enough confidence to begin rehiring. Nevertheless, we are hoping to put those unused computer keyboards to good use.

We’ve been approached by a number of aspiring young journalists who are eager to gain experience at a craft we love. So, even if we can’t offer a paycheck, we can offer enthusiastic coaching and a chance to get some real-world experience.

To be honest, we can use the help. Like employees everywhere, many of us have been pressed into service covering for unfilled positions. We are grateful to still have jobs, but sometimes find ourselves stretched too thin.

A high school or college intern is just what the doctor ordered.

We have heard that summer jobs are scarce this year and that for every rare opening there is a long line of applicants. That means a lot of teens may be in for a long boring summer of unemployment.

While most of those eager young kids would likely prefer to put money in the bank for college (or maybe a car), they will settle for a chance to learn something new –especially if it comes with an inspiring mentor.

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In our experience, working with interns is almost always a win-win situation. Our interns have left us with published articles, letters of recommendation and plenty of amusing on-the-job anecdotes. At the same time they’ve reminded us of why we picked our respective fields, how exciting it was when we were just starting out in the business and how much we have learned.

So, now that the school year is almost over, dust off one of those empty desks and put out the word that you and your colleagues are looking for a summer intern. You and some lucky teen will both benefit from the experience.