The Preserve closes roads to bicyclists |

The Preserve closes roads to bicyclists


The Preserve last weekend instituted a ban on bicyclists on roads in the Snyderville Basin development.

The ban was announced in a statement from the board of trustees. The developer of The Preserve, Kirk MacDonald, said the decision was made by the board of trustees rather than himself. There are approximately 10 miles of roads that are affected. The roads are private.

The statement from the board of trustees indicated that approximately 11 houses will be under construction and "unfortunately the liability risks simply are unacceptable."

"After consulting with our insurer and legal counsel it became evident that this closure is required to provide adequate liability protection for the property owners within The Preserve," the statement said.

The unpaved trails in The Preserve remain open.

The ban was instituted less than a month after The Preserve announced plans for a prohibition of bicyclists like the one that is now in place. Road bicyclists rallied for continued access, organizing a ride from Kimball Junction to The Preserve, and the developer did not institute the ban as first intended. It had been scheduled to start on May 28.

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The bicyclists say The Preserve is an attractive place to ride, citing the low traffic and stretches of uphill and downhill roads.

The Preserve was a rare example in the Park City area of a development allowing outside cyclists on private roads.