There could be a smorgasbord of dining decks on Main Street in 2011 |

There could be a smorgasbord of dining decks on Main Street in 2011

by Jay Hamburger OF THE RECORD STAFF

Park City officials expect more Main Street restaurants will seek approval to build dining decks on the street in 2011 than did this year, a scenario that could lead to further regulations of the decks as well as City Hall charging the restaurants a fee to put them on the street.

The decks were a notable addition to the streetscape on Main Street this year and they were regularly packed with diners outside the three restaurants that put them up in 2010.

The Park City Council on Thursday is scheduled to receive a briefing about the decks and discuss regulations that could be put into effect next year. The meeting starts at 3:30 p.m. in the City Council chambers at the Marsac Building, with the discussion about the dining decks tentatively scheduled to start at 4:10 p.m. Twenty minutes have been set aside for the discussion, and input from the public is normally allowed.

Francisco Astorga, the City Hall planner who handled the applications for the decks earlier this year, said he is not aware of any complaints lodged with the municipal government once the decks were built.

Three of the decks operated in 2010 — outside Bistro 412, Cisero’s and Zona Rosa. City Hall issued another permit — for a deck outside the Red Banjo pizza restaurant — but the deck was not built. The four restaurants hold permits that do not expire until the fall of 2012, according to Astorga.

Astorga said he expects more applications in 2011, but it was not clear how many additional restaurants will seek to put up the decks next year. Some of the other restaurants had indicated they wanted to evaluate the success of the decks this year before committing to build one of their own.

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He said city leaders on Thursday are expected to discuss the number of decks that should be allowed on Main Street. There could be some pullback if the elected officials are concerned that too many decks would clutter the street.

Meanwhile, Astorga plans to ask whether City Hall should charge the restaurants a fee to operate a deck. He said a charge of $270 for each parking space that a deck occupies is under consideration. The sum is based on foregone parking-meter revenue from the spots the decks are built upon, he said. There was not a charge for the decks this year. Each of them appeared to take up at least two parking spots.

The decks appeared in late May, with the ones outside Bistro 412 and Cisero’s being the first to be built. The decks extended slightly into the street. They were smaller than the restaurants’ dining rooms, but the decks quickly became popular. They were packed on numerous occasions.

The owner of Bistro 412 and Cisero’s, Steve McComb, has said people want to eat outside during the summer as he explained the popularity of the decks his places operated. He said the decks boosted summertime businesses. They had approximately 60 seats between them.