These are motorcycles, let’s not kid ourselves

Park Record guest editorial

David Rennie’s letter was perfect (“E-bikes on our trails are accidents waiting to happen,” June 21). It’s a much needed discussion.

It’s only a matter of time before accidents that are happening elsewhere start happening here on a regular basis. Severe injuries and death will be the norm, as opposed to minor scrapes and bruises from falling off or having an accident on a pedal-only bicycle. I too often see three kids on ONE e-bike, usually one with the long rectangular seat. It’s incredibly dangerous and never are they all wearing helmets.

People, these are motorcycles. Let’s not kid ourselves. Speeds are getting faster and faster with little regulation.

I often walk on Poison Creek trail near Old Town and out toward Bonanza. The worst scenarios I believe are when you don’t expect a bicycle to pass you at 20 mph going uphill, whereas an old-school bicycle wouldn’t be going much faster than an uphill pedestrian. The danger factor is high and we’ve been very lucky thus far.

That luck isn’t going to continue. Some of the e-bikes now go 30mph.

Don’t get me wrong; I think e-bikes are awesome and they sure have a place. However, where kids used to pedal a bike for exercise, they now seem to all have these little “motorcycles.”  In high school, I had a moped, so I get it. A lot of fun and a quick way to get around. It was basically the same thing as an e-bike; the difference, aside from the moped being gas-powered, was that e-bikes are being treated like bicycles and mopeds were treated like motorcycles. Mopeds weren’t allowed on trails or walking/bicycle paths. They were only allowed on roads and helmets were required (depending on the state).

How are kids riding around so recklessly on our sidewalks, trails and paths with almost no enforcement?  I know they’re still relatively new and laws aren’t being passed fast enough to prevent what will be a large number of very serious injuries (or death) to riders and pedestrians.

Of course, many of the kids (and adults) are riding responsibly. Many slow down when I’m on the trails, but too many don’t. As these motorcycles, aka e-bikes, get more technologically advanced, things are going to get a lot worse before they get better.

Whatever happened to kids taking a bike ride for exercise? I know it’s still a thing, but sadly, it’s diminishing. I took a training course before getting my motorcycle license. There’s zero training for these things and they’re immensely faster than a normal bicycle. Shouldn’t they be ridden on roads with their riders following traffic laws?  The speed limit in much of 84060 is now 20 mph anyway. Why are e-bikes seemingly exempt and why are Park City Police and Summit County Sheriffs reluctant to stop these kids (and adults, but less frequently), even just to talk to them about the inherent dangers? Wouldn’t the end result be saving at least one life?

And what about you, mom and dad?

Mike Miller

Park Meadows

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