Three seats up on Summit County’s Service Area No. 3 Board |

Three seats up on Summit County’s Service Area No. 3 Board

Silver Creek residents to choose new members

The makeup of the Service Area No. 3 Board of Trustees, which governs Silver Creek, is set to change following the upcoming municipal elections.

Summit County Service Area No. 3 covers Silver Creek Estates, which occupies the area surrounding the intersection of Interstate 80 and U.S. 40. The service area has jurisdiction over water rights, 22 miles of roads, and trails and parks. Properties within the development are identified as being in either the upper or lower precinct.

The Board of Trustees consists of a seven-member volunteer board that meets monthly to discuss the management of the neighborhood’s infrastructure and oversees the budget. Members serve four-year terms and are not limited in the number of terms they are able to serve.

The three seats up for reelection are occupied by Betty Bauwens, VJ Petit and Glenn Colvin. Two candidates have filed for the lower precinct — Peter Keblish and Larry Finch. Only one write-in candidate, Suzanne Carpenter, has filed for the upper precinct seat.

Carpenter, who has lived in Silver Creek since 2014, said the community is a unique neighborhood. She said the people who live in Silver Creek are often looking for something other than what is offered in other areas of Summit County.

“I think that needs to be maintained,” she said. “But, at the same time, we have to grow with the changing times. My desire to serve on the Board is to be an advocate for the people who have chosen to live there. I also know some are wanting to bring newer things into the community so it is a balancing act.”

Carpenter said her professional experience in quality management would be a valuable asset if is elected. She added, “I am going to listen more than I speak to make sure each person’s perspective is heard and the community is safe for all the residents.

“I don’t want the Board to infringe on any of the basic features for which the community was established,” she said.

Finch said he has owned property in Silver Creek for 20 years and has lived in the area off and on throughout that time. He said he applied for a seat in the lower precinct because the service area needs continuity and organization.

“There are a lot of the taxpayers and water services users who feel the service area does not cater to their needs,” he said. “We could use the budgeting process as a framework to ensure we are adhering to state account standards and make sure we are communicating clearly to the residents.”

Finch said the service area’s financials need to be updated. He added, “We need to be accountable to the taxpayers and water users.”

Klebish failed to return multiple messages left by the <i>The Park Record</i>.

Service Area No. 3 will hold a ‘Meet the candidates’ event Monday, Oct. 30, between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. at Mountain Life Church, 7375 Silver Creek Road.

Summit County is conducting the upcoming municipal election through the mail. Ballots are scheduled to be sent to registered voters on Oct. 17. They must be postmarked and returned no later than Nov. 6. Ballots can also be placed in drop boxes on Election Day. For more information about the Service Area No. 3 election, go to this webpage.

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