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Timbre Art Shop thrives on Main Street

Some people hold off on their dreams because they are scared to take action. Somer Gardiner thought she had waited long enough.

Gardiner, founder and owner of the clothing store Olive + Tweed, recently opened her own art shop, Timbre Art Loft. The shop is located on what was previously the second floor of Olive + Tweed on Main Street, which she opened nine years ago and continues to own.

Gardiner said opening an art shop has always been her ultimate dream. Art was a major part of each business she started, such as her yarn store in Salt Lake City, Olive + Tweed and the artisan knitwear she made and sold at markets.

“Art has been the passion piece behind everything I do,” she said.

She was searching the art market for multiple years, waiting for the perfect artist to feature in a store of her own. She found him at an art show last year and immediately fell in love with his work.

“The look, vibe, feel and tones were all right for what’s happening in décor in Park City,” she said.

The art is organic and bold, and since many of the images are found in nature, it fits into a mountain town, she said.

The line includes photographic images of vintage cameras, feathers and fishing flies printed on watercolor parchments and hand-made parchments made by Nepalese women.

The featured artist is from Los Angeles, but several local artists are also featured at the shop. Ceramics from Joshua Flicker, retro national parks images from C.D. Cross, photography by Mark Maziarz, as well as art from Gardiner herself, are currently sold at the shop.

Gardiner said the look of the shop will evolve over time based on styles and her clients’ needs, so artists will change as necessary. But the featured artist will likely remain.

Although his work uses the same infrared process to print every image, each one has its own look and is striking while remaining simple, said April Peery, art manager of the art shop.

“I love to see what the different customers are drawn to,” she said. “It’s so fun to see everybody’s different pulls.”

There is something for everyone, she said, and not just because of the styles. They try to make the prices affordable for almost any customer.

“The price point is much more accessible for people,” she said. “There was not a lot of stuff like this available on Main Street.”

After opening in March of this year, the store has had some slow days during the off season, but it has seen more sales than the duo was expecting, Peery said.

Gardiner said the response from locals building new homes or remodeling existing ones has been phenomenal. A homeowner in Victory Ranch ordered 24 items to decorate their new home.

“It was so wonderful to open the doors and have customers come in and place orders right away,” she said.

Gardiner and Peery also added framing to the shop so clients can walk away ready to place their purchase immediately on the wall. The two also hope to include customers in the selection of the art sold at the shop in the future by holding a vote on the shop’s Instagram page.

“I absolutely love to help people express their taste, interests and passions throughout the art that they select for their homes,” Gardiner said. “Art is our highest form of expression. It’s rewarding to see how much art affects the tone and feel of a space and what a difference it has in making a home feel like home.”

Timbre Art Loft

608 Main Street



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