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Time to broadcast at North Summit High School

Douglas Greenwood, Of the Record Staff

A number of North Summit High School students in Julie Marsh’s broadcasting class have found something they want to pursue beyond the year-long class.

"I would love to continue in broadcasting," Senior Jenalyn Thiriot said. "I just got accepted to BYU and I’m hoping to get into their broadcasting program."

Junior Carrie Chappell also said she may keep going with it beyond high school. While she hasn’t yet decided, she said she wouldn’t have even considered broadcast had she not taken the class this year.

Marsh’s broadcast students spend their week preparing for various newscasts, teen forum discussions and sporting event coverage, which all air on the North Summit School District channel. Newscasts air each Tuesday and Thursday, accompanied by weather forecasts provided by the neighboring meteorology class. On Wednesdays, the class airs a weekly student-forum discussion. These forums often cover student topics of interest or concern, educational issues including interviews with key district administrators and other current events in which the students take an interest, according to Marsh.

"They really like the debates where they go head to head," she said. "We’ve had them get into some pretty good debates." The students choose what to discuss during the forum, she added. Last week, they debated whether school athletes receive preferential treatment from teachers.

Students spend Mondays and Fridays in class learning about broadcast terminology and etiquette while they write and practice scripts for their turn as the main anchor. They also take a short quiz each day at the beginning of class, Marsh said.

Members of the class are currently preparing for SkillsUSA, a state-wide competition that pits broadcasting classes against each other. Scholarships are awarded to the top three teams each year. In the last four years, the North Summit broadcasting class took state once, placed second twice and placed third. The state competition is scheduled to take place March 24-25 in Salt Lake.