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Tips from the Pro

Ben SinclairToday we are going to talk about a vital pre-swing activity. Too many golfers overlook the importance of body posture. The posture of our body will directly influence our ability to swing the club. The skeletal system is designed to suppor

To achieve an athletic stance, stand with your feet shoulder width apart and allow the knees and ankles to flex slightly. While keeping the back and pelvis on the same plane, flex forward from the bottom of the hip. If the flex or bend from the hip is done correctly, the hands should hang about three to five inches in front of the knees. In this position, a straight line should be formed from the back of the head to just below the waistline. While working the body into this posture position, do not worry if it feels like your rear end is sticking out. The position may feel different or awkward, but give it a try in your game.

The weight distribution under your feet is very important in relation to the balance of the swing. Your weight should be equally distributed between the left and right foot. The front to back weight should be centered or just behind the ball of the foot. If there is too much weight on the heel, the tendency is for the body to straighten up during the swing. When the weight is too much on the toes, the tendency is for golfers to move closer toward the ball and result in off-center hits. With weight distributed correctly in the set up, the muscles will be allowed to concentrate on motion versus maintaining balance.

The position of the hands should always be over the golf ball. If your hands are too far in front or behind the golf ball at set up, your margin for error during the swing goes up. To end our discussion on posture, be sure to stay relaxed over the ball. From your hands to your shoulders and torso, make sure the body is relaxed. Golf is a game of smooth motion and tension will only create swing flaws.

Ben Sinclair is a PGA member and golf pro at the Park City Golf Club.

For information on lessons and tee times, please call the golf shop at 615-5800.

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