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Tips from the Pro

In this article, we are going to talk about how to play a shot with the ball above or below your feet at address. Too many golfers have difficulty with this shot due to an improper set up to the ball. Follow the tips listed below so that you may improve your shot from an uneven lie on the golf course.

For the purpose of this article, we are assuming the golf ball is slightly above or below your feet. As the lie is more above or below, adjust the following steps to match the degree of slope.

When the golf ball is above your feet, the posture of your body will be more upright. If your body is standing in a more upright position, your swing will be a little flatter or around your body. The swing will feel different as your arms will swing more around your spine. When you are getting ready to address the ball, look at the slope of the ground where the ball lies. With the ball above your feet, the slope is heading right to left. As a result, the golf ball will fly right to left in the air. To adjust for the ball flight, aim slightly to the right. In your alignment, be sure to keep your clubface square to your body. Play the ball a couple inches back in your stance to aid in holding the desired flight path. As you are getting ready to swing, let the arms and hands swing more around the body and have patience during the swing.

With the ball below your feet, try the opposite of the above listed tips. The ball should be a couple inches forward in your stance and your alignment should be slightly left of the target. At address, position of the knee is critical in maintaining the correct height in your swing. The knee is slightly more flexed along with upper-body posture that is more bent over. The position of the body will create a more upright swing which will increase your chances of a better strike on the ball.

If you have an extremely difficult uneven lie, look at other options to help in advancing the ball. When faced with a tough one, chipping back to the fairway might be the best option without inflating your score for the hole. If the ball is level with your waist or more than a foot below your feet, look at how you can get the ball back in play.

When you are learning the game of golf, always remember the two most important skills:

Sense of humor about yourself



Ben Sinclair is a PGA member and golf pro at the Park City Golf Club.

For information on lessons and tee times, please call the golf shop at 615-5800.

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