Top 5 stories on, week of Sept. 30 |

Top 5 stories on, week of Sept. 30

City manager's departure dominates the discussion

City Hall said little as Diane Foster departed the city manager post on Tuesday after six-plus years as the top staffer at the Marsac Building. Her sudden departure evoked memories of the 1990s-era resignation of a high-level staffer, which also occurred during a municipal election year. The 1999 resignation of former Park City Attorney Jodi Hoffman added a layer of intrigue to the City Council campaign that year.
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Park City manager leaves City Hall in sudden, unexpected departure
The departure of Park City Manager Diane Foster from her post last week was a surprise, but the story’s dominance of the Park Record’s headlines was not. Three of the five top stories from last week dealt with the news.

Guest editorial: We can do better, Park City. Start by treating others with respect.
A Park City reader describes two upsetting encounters, one physically violent, and wonders what happened to civility in our quiet mountain town.

Analysis: Park City manager’s sudden departure evokes memories of a 1990s City Hall separation
The separation, initiated by Mayor Andy Beerman and the Park City Council, appears, at least early on, to be the most dramatic personnel move at the Marsac Building in a generation, since the late 1990s. There have been other highly important, and controversial, personnel moves in the intervening years, but not since the resignation of a Park City attorney in 1999 has there been one as striking as Foster’s departure.

Park City hotel guest leaves loaded Glock pistol in room after checking out
A guest at a Park City hotel left a loaded gun in the room after checking out, the Park City Police Department said, indicating the firearm was given to the authorities for safekeeping.

Park City manager left City Hall with six-figure separation package
The Park City Council authorized Mayor Andy Beerman to terminate a 2013 employment agreement with former City Manager Diane Foster during a rare Friday session and with two members of the City Council not at the meeting.

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Park City-funded research drives home community displeasure with traffic

October 13, 2019

Parkites see traffic and transportation as Park City’s biggest challenge over the next five to 10 years, a City Hall-hired firm that is leading the efforts to craft a community vision has found as part of its research. And they also see transportation solutions as one of the two top opportunities, alongside strategic development, during the same period, the research found.

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