Top priority: make a Junction calendar |

Top priority: make a Junction calendar


Chris Eggleton wants you to know what’s going on at Kimball Junction.

Getting a calendar for the neighborhood is a top priority, the vice president of the Kimball Junction Business Association said at its first general meeting on Aug. 17.

Right now if event website administrators want to announce upcoming attractions, they have to call the newly-formed Redstone Business Association, Newpark, the Utah Olympic Park, the Swaner EcoCenter, Tanger and more, he said.

There needs to be one calendar for the entire area and there’s plenty to post, he added.

Association president Tom Richardson said Redstone Village is hosting pogo stick stunt artists this weekend. Newpark is welcoming marathon runners today and has hosted numerous athletic events this summer.

Nancy Gray at Tanger Outlet Center said the mall sees more people back-to-school shopping this month than it does at any other time of year including the holidays.

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Since Kimball Junction is already home to so many attractions, it only makes sense to prioritize the marketing of those, Eggleton explained. A calendar hopefully on a Kimball Junction-themed website is an inexpensive way to do that.

And cheap is key since membership in the business association is free this year.

The Historic Main Street Business Alliance benefits financially from mandatory dues collected when business licenses are paid for. Right now Kimball Junction can’t compete with that kind of marketing power, explained board member Candice Wilson.

"We’re basically driving membership right now," she said.

Without money to buy ads, more participation from members is needed to work toward the association’s stated goals of promoting the area and lobbying the county.

If business owners do support the group, that may lead to requests for "associate memberships." Most industry associations in Park City have associate members businesses or organizations that support or have clients among the voting members. Associate members come from outside Kimball Junction and will pay dues strengthening the group’s financial power, Wilson said.

The events already happening in Kimball Junction bring people in Park City north and people in Salt Lake City east increasing the neighborhood’s exposure, Eggleton said.

That could be key in attracting more interest in the association and selling the future of Junction, he added.