Top Stories on, week of Jan. 6 |

Top Stories on, week of Jan. 6

Jeff Dempsey
The Park Record
A tow truck hauls away a vehicle on Main Street last month after the person left the Mitsubishi in a drop-and-load zone without the proper permit. A permit is required to use the zones from 5 p.m. until midnight.
Jay Hamburger/Park Record

Editor’s note: Stories in this list received the most page views on from Jan. 6 through Jan. 12, 2020.

Park City drop-and-load zones shredded as Main Street likened to scene out of ‘Die Hard’
A critic of Park City’s drop-and-load parking zones on Thursday shredded the program as he likened the Main Street core to a scene out of “Die Hard.”

Mountain towns across the West see declining occupancy, but Park City is an exception
“Clearly there is a change not so much coming as already here.”

Woodward Park City’s evening lights draw Summit County Council’s eye
The lighting at Woodward Park City is in compliance with its permit, so there’s not much the County Council can do to reduce the glare affecting Jeremy Ranch residents, though they’re planning another meeting to stress the importance of being a good neighbor.

Sundance 2020: It may seem like there are no rules in Park City, but there actually are
Park City, known for tightly controlling activities and the community look, has regulations and processes important to the goings-on during Sundance.

Letters: Ski season is garbage season in Park City
In a letter to the editor, a Park City resident writes that our town faces an epidemic during ski season: trash and litter.

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