Officials warn of toxic algae in Rockport Reservoir |

Officials warn of toxic algae in Rockport Reservoir

The Summit County Health Department and Utah Department of Environmental Quality issued an advisory on Thursday warning people that toxic algal blooms have been detected in Rockport Reservoir.

Algal blooms naturally develop in lake and reservoir systems, according to a press release from the Health Department. However, the toxins can be harmful to people and their pets.

The release states that the blooms in Rockport Reservoir are in localized areas of the lake. People are encouraged to avoid swimming and boating in areas where the blooms exist, and to keep their pets from drinking or swimming near affected areas.

Anglers can still fish in areas where blooms exist but are advised to clean the fish and wash their hands with fresh water.

For more information and updates, visit or call 435-333-1511.

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