Tracking potential swine flu victims suggested |

Tracking potential swine flu victims suggested

by Jay Hamburger OF THE RECORD STAFF

A Park City Councilman inquired Thursday afternoon whether it is appropriate to track local people who might have come in contact with someone suspected of having swine flu.

City Councilman Joe Kernan, speaking to local health officials during a City Council meeting, also asked whether people planning to go to Mexico can receive Tamiflu, a flu-fighting medicine. The original outbreak has been traced to Mexico.

But Katie Mullaly, who works for the Summit County Health Department, said the medicine can only be prescribed to people with symptoms under federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. She also said privacy laws make it difficult to track people in the manner Kernan described.

Kernan’s questions were among the highlights of the brief discussion, which also involved Hugh Daniels, who is City Hall’s emergency manager, Police Chief Wade Carpenter and Phyllis Robinson, who frequently serves as the city’s spokesperson.

The emergency brain trust described the local efforts since swine flu was suspected early Thursday morning, and Robinson said officials are in a "rumor control" mindset because City Hall has received phone calls inquiring whether Park City businesses are open.