Transit center approved in the Basin |

Transit center approved in the Basin

Sarah Moffitt, The Park Record

Plans to build a transit center in the Basin are one step closer to reality. Last week, the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission approved a design for the 2,400 square foot structure that is set to be built behind the Sheldon Richins building.

The Summit County Public Works department has been working on plans for a transit center in the county for over a year. According to Summit County Public Works Director Kevin Callahan, the new center will facilitate additional bus routes in the area and help mitigate traffic as the Boyer Research Park is developed.

"Now that the design has been approved, our only uncertainty with the project is if we receive a $2 million grant from the Federal Government to pay for the center," Callahan said. "We will find out in August if we get the grant and then will find a contractor in the fall and start construction next spring."

Callahan said that if they do not receive the grant, they will have to go to the Summit County Council to see if the $2.3 million can be located in the county’s tight budget.

The transit center will be accessed from Landmark Drive and include a plaza that can be used for concerts or farmers markets, Callahan said.

"Right now, there isn’t great access behind the Sheldon Richins Building," he said. "This facility will provide that access, a park, and connect all the local trails in the area. We wanted to take up minimal space and provide easy access for people on bikes so that more residents will ride their bikes to the transit center, then take a bus into town or to their errands."

The center is designed to hold about 50 people and accommodate eight buses at a time. Callahan said they looked at Park City’s transit center before designing their own to see what they could improve upon.

"It seems that not that many people wait inside for a bus, even in the winter," Callahan said. "So we made more room outside for people and put in the plaza."

After the transit center is completed, the county will begin a commercial connector bus in the Basin that stops at all the shopping centers in the area, including Redstone and the Tanger Outlets. Two more direct buses from Park City to Kimball Junction are also expected to be added.

"This is a necessary addition to our transportation system and is needed to accommodate increased businesses in the Basin," he said. "So hopefully, even if we do not get the federal funding, we will be able to start the project within a year."


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