Traveling with medical cannabis |

Traveling with medical cannabis

WholesomeCo shares what 50,000 Utah medical cannabis cardholders need to know

As Utahns hit the road and board flights for summer travel, WholesomeCo, Utah’s largest medical cannabis operator, has compiled important tips for Utah medical cannabis cardholders. Given that the number of medical cannabis cardholders in Utah tripled last year and regulations regarding cannabis and travel vary greatly among states, WholesomeCo’s experts have outlined the legalities to keep in mind when traveling with cannabis across Utah and beyond. 

“With the number of medical cannabis cardholders rapidly increasing in Utah and our goal to normalize cannabis as a natural path to health and wellness, we want to ensure all patients are informed and prepared when traveling,” said Chris Jeffrey, founder, and CEO of WholesomeCo. “By following these practices, medical cannabis cardholders can travel with ease and confidence this summer.”

Photo courtesy of WholesomeCo
Photo courtesy of WholesomeCo

Driving with Cannabis in Utah 
Yes, you can take your medical cannabis with you for your trip from one end of the state to the other as long as you have your Utah medical cannabis card with you, and you are in possession of 113 grams of cannabis flower or less and 20 grams of active THC or less.

Just follow these simple guidelines below:

  • Products must be transported in the original container/package and inside the opaque bag or box given to you by the pharmacy from which you purchased your medicine. 
  • If you are a caregiver, you may transport the patient’s medicine for them and carry and present the patient’s card for them (make sure you have yours as well if that is applicable). 
  • Store all medical cannabis, medical cannabis products, or medical cannabis devices in a vehicle in a closed/locked bag or another container outside of reach (i.e., in the trunk or backseat).

With the exception of an “emergency medical condition,” a medical cannabis patient cardholder, a provisional patient cardholder, or a nonresident patient may not use, in public view, medical cannabis or a cannabis product.

Photo courtesy of WholesomeCo
Photo courtesy of WholesomeCo

Driving Across State Lines with Cannabis 
Utah residents carrying a legal medical cannabis card for a qualifying condition cannot travel to a neighboring state while in possession of medical cannabis. The reason is because of the illegality of cannabis at the federal level. Even if you were going from one state where medical cannabis is legal to another medical cannabis state or adult-use state (such as from Utah to Arizona, for example), it would still be illegal to do so.

Flying with Cannabis: What the Feds Say
While medical cannabis is medically legal in Utah and in most other states (whether medically or for adult-use), cannabis is still considered an illegal Schedule I substance at the federal level. This means that whether you are flying out of Utah into another state, from another state into Utah, or flying within the state of Utah, you cannot under any circumstances be in possession of cannabis when on board an aircraft, even if you have your medical cannabis card with you.

Photo courtesy of WholesomeCo
Photo courtesy of WholesomeCo

WholesomeCo Head of Legal, Compliance & Gov’t Affairs J. D. Lauritzen noted,These days the TSA is fairly lenient at many airports when it comes to cannabis. They are looking more for items that may put passengers at risk, like firearms, not cannabis, and do not have the authority to arrest or fine you for it. That being said, if they do find any in your luggage or on your person, they will be obligated to inform the local authorities, who have the authority to charge you for a crime.”

International Travel with Cannabis 
If flying across the United States is precarious, then taking an international flight with your personal stash in tow is even more so. There are a couple of reasons for this. If you are taking off from a U.S. airport, then you run again into the illegality of cannabis in federal airspace. Once you land, then you are under the jurisdiction of that country and its laws. Each country has its own laws regarding cannabis. For example, cannabis is legal in Spain, but flying with cannabis in that country is illegal and can lead to a multi-year prison sentence. 

It is important to remember that, although cannabis legalization has made great strides in recent times, there are a number of states where it remains entirely illegal (including in the Utah-neighboring states of Idaho and Wyoming).

Photo courtesy of WholesomeCo
Photo courtesy of WholesomeCo

“While there are legislative movements on both the federal and state levels to lower the harsh penalties for cannabis-related infringements, at the moment these penalties are still severe,” said Lauritzen. “Most cannabis-related crimes in Utah and in many other states are considered Class B misdemeanors which may result in a $1,000 fine and six months in prison for the illegal possession/use of cannabis. The penalties for medical cannabis cardholders that violate the law may be less severe in certain instances, however.”

How to Get a Medical Cannabis Card 
Getting a medical cannabis card in Utah is a straightforward process. The first step is to visit a qualified medical provider who will determine if medical cannabis is right for you. Next, register with the state at Finally, register on WholesomeCo’s site and shop their online menu to make your first delivery or pickup order. They offer free, same-day delivery to 99% of Utah’s population. 

About WholesomeCo

One of only four vertically integrated medical cannabis operators in Utah, WholesomeCo is leading the movement to normalize cannabis as a natural path to health and wellness. Various medical cannabis services are offered by the company, including statewide delivery to 99% of Utah’s population, as well as retail, drive-thru, and online pick-up services through its pharmacy in West Bountiful. Known for its technology-driven leadership and innovation, WholesomeCo is committed to improving medical cannabis accessibility by putting patients’ needs first and guiding them along their personal cannabis journeys. The WholesomeCo App is currently available for iOS and can be found in the Apple App Store. For more information, visit

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