Treasure survey, including a price tag question, posted |

Treasure survey, including a price tag question, posted

by Jay Hamburger THE PARK RECORD

City Hall has posted an Internet survey seeking opinions about the reworked ideas for the Sweeney family’s Treasure development, a set of questions that delves into the sort of development people would support and how much they are willing to pay in increased taxes to reduce the scope of the project.

The survey was posted as the municipal government and the Sweeneys hosted a Tuesday open house centered on options for Treasure. The two sides have been engaged in long-running negotiations in an effort to strike an accord.

They are considering two options one that would eliminate the prospects of development at the site altogether and one that would essentially carve half of the project off the site.

Eliminating the development prospects would require a ballot measure to finance a conservation deal. The other option would be completed through a combination of shifting development rights to another site and a taxpayer-funded purchase of some of the other rights to develop.

Some of the questions in the survey include:

  • which of the options is preferred, with the survey allowing people to also choose the development requested in the family’s current Treasure application. The current application envisions a larger project than the other two options.
  • how much someone is willing to pay in increased property taxes to reduce the scope of the Treasure development. Options range from $500 or more annually to nothing.
  • whether people are interested in the Treasure developers opening a mine tour on the grounds. Survey responses include "cool idea definitely worth considering" and "opposed not even mildly interested." The question acknowledges there are concerns about a mine tour attracting more traffic to the neighborhood close to the Treasure site.

    The survey also requests information about where the people answering the questions live.

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    The survey is available on City Hall’s website, Select the ‘Treasure Hill’ link under the News section on the front page of the website to take the survey. It will be posted until Aug. 2.