Treasures pair affordability with high-end |

Treasures pair affordability with high-end

Gina Barker, The Park Record

Bruce Daniger has an eye for design. Whether he was piecing together the furniture in an A-List celebrity’s Palm Springs home or getting in on the ground floor of some hot new design trend, Daniger’s past is riddled with his own personal testaments to, the eye he built a career around.

Daniger retired from the high-end design game and moved back to his home in Park City, a respite he bought more than eight years ago. In between his far-flung travels to estate sales and indie design operations, Daniger would find time to stop in Park City. Though he would say he is technically retired, he opened the new business two weeks ago as a way to keep busy.

"I’ve always had a lot of energy," Daniger said. "It’s just how I am."

The classic mountain furniture and decorations are a mix of old and new. A worn pair of vintage wooden skis stands propped in the corner. Well-tailored, tufted bar stools are positioned nearby. Just outside, classic deck chairs are on sale.

Brimming with textures and patterns, Home Treasures is the eclectic mix of antiques and new items made by small operations, all hand-selected by Daniger. When he orders a piece, it’s the only piece he orders, a practice he refers to as "the art of unique." Nothing is duplicated; everything is a one-of-a-kind.

"I’m not after the tourist," Daniger said. "I’m after the local, the person who wants a fabulous look at a reasonable price. And I believe it’s important to that person that they know they are buying something unique."

Every item is priced to sell, dropping the high-end price tag without losing that quality he was after.

"My items start at $5.95," he added. "And the items aren’t going to be the kind of thing you see everywhere."

"I have sold high-end for years, and I know there is a niche for what I’m selling at the prices I’m doing it," he added. "My aim is not to have things that are ever the same. The inventory process is constant, here today and gone tomorrow."

At just 14 years old, Daniger sold every piece of his parents’ furniture while the two were on vacation because he could not stand their style. One newspaper advertisement later and Daniger had sold most of their furniture, what he described as a typical, "build-it-yourself out of a box" style. Using the money he had earned, Daniger completely restyled the house.

Not long after, he said his parents thanked him for the much-needed upgrade.

"They were shocked and horrified at first," Daniger said. " but in the end they were happy with the results.

"That was 25 years ago and they hadn’t changed it since, but when I moved I decided to take all their furniture out and replace it with furniture from my old business. My father is still thanking me."

Growing up with what he called an artist’s sentiment, Daniger was always drawing, painting and rearranging.

Home Treasures is expecting more inventory in the coming weeks, and the grand opening of the business will follow. For now, Daniger has started the process of building a reputation and collecting referrals through a soft opening of the store.

"I’m doing a look specific to Park City," Daniger said, "and that’s because it is a unique market. Park City is about being laid back, earthy, natural. People like to buy a more down-to-earth look, even if they are multimillionaires."

Home Treasures

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