Two Old Town streets will be redone in 2013 |

Two Old Town streets will be redone in 2013

Matt Cassel, the Park City engineer, said the entire length of 10th Street and the entire length of 11th Street will be redone. The work is anticipated to start in the summer. Cassel said the projects are expected to last between four and six weeks. Both of the streets will be worked on at the same time, he said.

The work will include a new layer of pavement and rebuilt curbs and gutters. Some storm drain work is also expected. Cassel said City Hall does not plan to conduct utility work, though, but that decision could be reconsidered.

He said the work is anticipated to cost approximately $325,000 for both of the roads. Cassel said he plans to present a contract for the design work to Mayor Dana Williams and the Park City Council next week.

The two streets sit on the west side of Old Town. They are primarily used by people who are heading to more populated roads that intersect 10th Street and 11th Street.

The work will be part of the municipal government’s overall road-improvement program of the post-2002 Winter Olympic era. After the Olympics, Park City leaders turned their attention to infrastructure upgrades in Old Town, particularly street work.

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