Two youngsters caught after break-in at Trailside Elementary |

Two youngsters caught after break-in at Trailside Elementary

The Summit County Sheriff’s Office took two young people into custody Tuesday morning, claiming that they broke into Trailside Elementary School earlier that day. Dean Carr, the undersheriff, said nothing was taken from inside the school. Carr said he understands the two are boys and from Summit County. He was not sure how old the two are. The Sheriff’s Office said both of them face counts of burglary and unlawful consumption of alcohol by a minor. One of them also faces a count of fleeing, Carr said. According to Carr, they triggered an alarm at the school in the early morning hours of Tuesday. At least five Sheriff’s Office deputies or Park City police officers responded, surrounding the building. Carr said the two young people evaded the perimeter of deputies and police officers. The Sheriff’s Office said in a statement the two ran toward Highland Estates. A school official later reviewed security tapes and recognized the two, Carr said. Sheriff’s Office deputies went to their houses and took them into custody. They were taken to a juvenile detention center in Salt Lake, the Sheriff’s Office said. The two are not students at Trailside but live close to the school, Carr said. He suspects they intended to steal something from the school. Carr said the two entered the school after climbing onto the roof and finding an opening to the inside.

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