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U.S. 40 corridor poised for growth

Sarah MoffittThe Park Record

Home Depot and the Summit County Jail could have some new neighbors.

When asked where they would place future growth and development, the majority of participants at the Summit County 2050 meeting held July 21 in Coalville, said along the U.S. Highway 40 Corridor near the U.S. 40 and Interstate 80 intersection.

Many participants said this location was the best for future growth because it was away from viewsheds and riparian areas and near existing infrastructure. The majority of the participants were from the East Side of Summit County and said the places they would least like to see growth is north of Coalville and south of Henefer.

County planners and developers seem to agree the U.S. 40 corridor is well suited for commercial growth rather residential growth.

"In my point of view the I-80 U.S. 40 intersection area is not suitable for residential development," said Park City developer Mark J. Fischer. Fischer went on to add that the area does hold commercial potential and seems more suited for big box stores than residential.

"Looking at it from an access standpoint it is a logical place," said Ron Sharp, Managing Partner of the Silver Creek Business Park. "It is in close proximity to most of the population base in the Snyderville Basin."

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The Silver Creek Business Park includes almost 70 businesses, most of which are service and trade related. According to Sharp, the businesses are struggling not due to the location but the economic downturn, especially since many are real-estate service related.

"We do need to develop more areas and provide an economic base for our residents," added Sharp. "Logistically it’s a good area because it’s located near pre-existing infrastructure and would greatly cut down the cost of building."

"There is nothing unreasonable about future development along the highway 40 corridor," said Doug Clyde, a consultant for land entitlement and planning. "It’s odd they haven’t expanded the industrial zone in that area before."

Due to the commercial space on one end of the area and the residential developments on the other, Clyde said it seemed like a reasonable area to see future development.