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U.S. athletes OK after Chile earthquake

An 8.3-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Chile on Wednesday, killing at least eight people, according to news reports.

U.S. Ski Team members had been training in Portillo, La Parva and Valle Nevado, northeast of the capital of Santiago.

According to a U.S. Ski Team release, all U.S. athletes are accounted for and safe. Most only felt the aftershocks of the quake in the mountains.

Alpine skier Steven Nyman of Sundance, Utah, described his experience with Wednesday’s earthquake.

"The quake was wild," Nyman said in a statement released by the U.S. Ski Team. "I was sitting next to Mia at dinner and she turned to me and told me to stop shaking the table. I said I wasn’t, and then we realized it was a quake, and it kept building and building. It lasted for over a minute. Some people got up and ran outside. Most of us stayed inside and were talking about it as it was happening. Then I realized avalanches may be coming off the peak, so I ran out on the deck to see that. There was a pretty big one right in view, and apparently a couple of others on the other side of the hotel. The aftershocks were wild. There were a lot of them. Around 1-1:30 a.m., another big one hit and woke everyone up. It was pretty violent. Everyone was talking about it this morning. We are all OK. I hope everyone in the valleys were OK."

Downhill training continued on Thursday under blue skies in Portillo, Nyman added.