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Under 21 Scene: Just bead it

Lindsay Price, Park Record Intern

Mexico, China and Austria aren’t only countries with soccer teams competing in the World Cup, but they also are present at the Redstone Center beading store called Beadniks. Beadniks proudly boasts beads from all over the world to be transformed into a personal creation by its customers.

Tom Richardson, a representative from Beadniks, describes it as "an opportunity to use your imagination to come up with jewelry creations that are personal and, in most cases, inexpensive."

As you walk into the store, there are thousands of beads strategically placed by style, price and origin. You are handed a small tray with grooves in it to place beads while you pick around the store to design an original piece of jewelry. With the unique designer board on the tray, you can frequently rearrange the beads to see what your creation would look like before stringing it. The store radiates helpfulness with its associates constantly willing to help you find what you want, or just help out if you are feeling overwhelmed by all the beading possibilities.

After the beads are arranged on the tray how you want them, employeeds string and tie a clasp on the jewelry for a sturdy and complete piece of work. Richardson added, "The best part is that you get to walk out of the store with a finished product."

Beadniks attracts all age demographics, especially the under-21 set, because the store welcomes beading camps, events and private parties. From African trade beads to tribal Thai silver, Beadniks offers the ideal outlet for creativity in constructing a gift for a friend, or just for yourself.

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