USSA debuts training disc |

USSA debuts training disc

Tracie Fails, of the Record staff

Not many people can command serious attention with a rat tail.

But when it comes to elite physical fitness, Olympian and World Cup gold-medalist Steve Nyman can sport any hairstyle he likes. Nyman is one of nine world-class USSA athletes in a new training DVD released by the United Ski and Snowboard Association to help athletes in all sports achieve a greater level of fitness. He is joined by Shannon Bahrke, Jessica Jerome, Landon Gardner, Alyssa Johnson Olympic and gold-medalist Ted Ligety. Bobsledder Ivan Radcliffe also stars.

David McCann, director of Educational Services said the USSA created the program, "Competitive Core Training," primarily as a tool for club coaches to demonstrate proper technique, but he added that the tape is for everyday exercise enthusiasts as well.

"The reason we do this is to help the USSA club coaches. That’s our main focus," he said. "But it’s also good for weekend warriors trying to get a six pack." The film boasts demonstrations by an all-pro athlete cast, with "no Hollywood celebrities or phony fitness gurus."

McCann’s favorite part of making the film was working with the athletes.

"I know it sounds hokey, but I really had a ball working with them," he said. "The kids have always helped us with anything we’ve asked. From gold medalists to kids on the development team, everyone pitches in. They really wanted to do a good job."

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The three-DVD set focuses on building a solid core, or the abdominal, oblique and lower back muscles that create the foundation of posture and strength. The first DVD includes 91 individual exercises that hit the five main areas of core development: balance, rotation, stability, extension and flexion. The second features nine workouts incorporating each of the exercises. Thee workouts are demonstrated in a variety of different Olympic sports, including sports as varied as archery and kayaking.

"The last one is really cool," McCann promises. The bonus disk allows athletes to download the workouts onto an iTunes playlist for use at the gym.

McCann said that the USSA strived to make the DVD set affordable for club coaches and trainers. According to a release from the organization, The Competitive Core Training DVD is the latest multi-media instructional DVD developed by USSA Education. Others include Successful Sports Parenting, Strength Training, Sport Nutrition and Psychology, Physical Assessment, as well as sport technique DVDs/CDs on alpine, cross country, disabled alpine skiing, and snowboarding.

Although the videos are specifically designed for USSA coaches for education and certification programs, McCann says that they can benefit all coaches, because of the "cutting-edge" information and techniques. The DVD set is available at the with a retail price of $39.95.