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Utah to receive help with immigration

State will participate in federal program to empower local cops

More officers will hunt illegal immigrants in Utah, according to Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch.

Weber and Washington counties will cooperate with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in a five-week training program, which combines federal, state and local resources, Hatch said in a prepared statement.

"I have been working with the sheriffs and local officials from Weber and Washington counties to find solutions to the increased illegal immigration problems their counties have experienced in recent years," Hatch said. "This is a key step forward in paving the way for increased coordination between ICE and local law enforcement to catch and deport illegal aliens who are committing crimes and harming the safety of our neighborhoods."

The federal program cross-designates state and local law enforcement officers to enforce immigration laws, allowing them to determine the immigration status of suspects and possibly begin deportation proceedings, according to Hatch.

"Once law enforcement officers are trained under this program, both [ICE] agents and deportation officers will be available to respond to the work done by the local law enforcement agencies trained under this program," a press release from Hatch states.

Currently, about 48 law enforcement agencies in the country participate in the program.

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"I am thrilled Utah is now at the forefront of this successful program," Hatch stated.

— Patrick Parkinson