Vandals bust up Loosey the moose on Main Street |

Vandals bust up Loosey the moose on Main Street

by Jay Hamburger THE PARK RECORD

Loosey the moose, a sculpture outside the Park City Clothing Co. on Main Street, was vandalized as Christmas approached.

The owner of the clothing store says the antlers were snapped off and the hat was forcibly removed from the sculpture. Doug Hollinger says the parts were left in the snow next to the building.

The vandalism occurred in the overnight hours of Dec. 22, he says.

Hollinger suspects someone attempted to climb on top of the sculpture, causing the damage.

"They busted them up, but left them," he says.

Hollinger says he plans to reattach the antlers and the hat in the spring.

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The sculpture belongs to the property owner and Hollinger is responsible for Loosey the moose.

The sculpture was created as part of the Moose on the Loose fundraiser for arts organizations.