Vice-presidential nominee lives part time in Deer Valley |

Vice-presidential nominee lives part time in Deer Valley

A Vegas odds maker with a home in Deer Valley has a 25-to-1 chance of becoming the vice president of the United States, betters in England say.

"You could call it a long shot," replied the candidate, Wayne Allyn Root, in an interview Monday at his Deer Valley vacation home. "We’re an underdog."

The Libertarian Party picked Root to campaign alongside presidential nominee Bob Barr at its convention in Denver in May.

"I’m sure we will emerge here with the strongest ticket in the history of the Libertarian Party," said Barr in his victory speech.

Root said he became Barr’s running mate when six rounds of convention voting determined he would not be chosen to run for president. The son of a butcher, Root owns WinningEDGE International, which determines odds for people who gamble on sporting events.

"The more government does, the less happy citizens are in every country in the world," he said. "It’s getting more and more big brother and nanny state every day. I want to fight against that."

He insists the Libertarian ticket could ruin the race for Republicans not convinced their presidential nominee John McCain is conservative enough.

"Our plan is win, period," Root said.

He expects more Republicans than Democrats to defect to his party on Election Day.

"Barry Goldwater type, Ronald Reagan-type Republicans don’t like John McCain," Root said. "As a Libertarian, I am fiscally right and socially left. We have a lot in common with both parties."

The Libertarian Party formed in the 1970s as an alternative to the two major political parties.

"They’re both bribing the electorate. Democrats bribe trial lawyers, public teachers unions and they bribe the poor to vote for them," Root said. "Republicans bribe the rich, they bribe pharmaceutical companies and they bribe military contractors."

Root touts himself as the first small businessperson on any presidential ticket and criticized politicians for not tapping oil in America to ease pain at the gas pump.

"We should have been drilling in Alaska. We should have been drilling in California," he said. "Instead of being $4.50, maybe gas would be $3.70."

He blames environmental groups for stopping oil production in the United States.

"We need more refineries, which environmentalists have stopped us from doing," Root said. "[Gas] won’t go to $8 if we start drilling and we start building refineries."

Secure the borders

Doing away with incentives illegal immigrants receive from the government, including driving privileges and less expensive tuition, is critical for solving problems related to immigration, Root said.

"Bob Barr and I believe right now there are only two answers to immigration. Number one is getting control the borders. Number two is limit entitlements and welfare for immigrants," Root said "You can’t allow somebody to come to your country and legally get Social Security, welfare, free housing, free medical and free education."

Some illegal immigrants in Utah receive driving privilege cards and pay in-state college tuition.

"That’s out of the question," Root said about the incentives.

End the war in Iraq

"Why would I want my son to go die in Iraq? Iraq didn’t attack us," Root said.

Root is generally against war because it expands the federal government, he said.

"I am anti-war because I am really not a big fan of the government," Root said. "They spend a billion dollars every two or three days in Iraq and I think all of that money should be brought home to the American taxpayers."

Choices for education

Root educates his four children at home and supports tax vouchers to help people finance alternatives to public education.

"If you have vouchers, people have a right to take their own tax money and apply it to wherever they want to send their kids," Root said. "Public schools would get much better."

Public education needs competition, he said.

"In public schools, you can get a job for life and that’s not right," Root said. "Public schools are horrible. I think they’re a disaster."

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