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Volunteers needed for upcoming art festival

The Kimball Art Center is looking for 300 good people to paint faces, tie-dye, help artists set up and take down their kiosks, serve food and drinks, and help visitors find art, food and lost family members during its annual Art Festival that will run the first weekend in August.

In return, volunteers will receive free T-shirts, a weekend pass for the Kimball Art Festival, free food and drinks and a pizza party.

Those are only the tangible rewards, said longtime volunteer and Park City resident Kathleen Briley.

"When I first started volunteering, I was completely surprised at what the festival provided for the volunteers," Briley said during an interview with The Park Record. "They really treat us nicely, and we get to take home a souvenir T-shirt at the end of the day."

But there are also the intagible benefits.

"Being a volunteer for the festival also gave me the opportunity to meet people that I would not have otherwise been able to meet," Briley said. "I found myself working with artists, many of whom I may not have even stopped at their booth. That gave me an appreciation about what they were doing, where they came from and where they lived.

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"I ended up being a big advocate just because I got to know them."

Briley has kept in touch with a number of the artists she has met throughout the years and has visited a number of them in their own studios throughout the state and country.

She also has opened her house to artists who come to show their creations at the arts festival.

"We felt like it was a win-win situation, because they often roll in at night and unload their vans and share their work with my children," she said. "That is such a treat, because I really feel like those experiences give the kids a perspective of another slice of life because the artists share their work with us personally."

Being an Kimball Art Festival volunteer is the annual highlight for Briley.

"This is the event I look forward to all year," she said. "I block out my calendar so I don’t make any plans. I think it’s a privilege to have something like that in town. I wouldn’t miss it for the world."

During past festivals, Briley found herself helping the artists in their booths and unloading their artwork

"I’ve helped button things down because during some years we’ve had some high winds that blow their stuff around," she said. "I remember some winds were so strong that things were blowing all over and we had to keep them from flying away. I was just glad to be there, because the artists needed help."

Last year, Briley worked with her daughter and other teenagers at the kids’ hands-on art booth.

"I especially enjoyed that because I worked side-by-side with high-school students that I would never have had the opportunity to meet," she said. "It was great because all of us were all on equal ground.

"Everyone was teaching the same thing and we were working together," she said. "It was great for me, but I also think it was great for a high-school student to work with me as a comrade."

As she worked, Briley saw a change in her daughter.

"She is very shy and I think volunteering gave her a purpose," Briley said. "I saw that it gave her a way to connect with people, and I saw her light up when she was working with other people."

Personally, Briley likes the fact that being a volunteer gives her a peek of what goes on behind the scenes.

"It’s like a back-stage pass and it takes me out of the flow of the onlookers going up Main Street to a place that’s more personal to me," she said.

Minda Stockdale, the festival’s volunteer coordinator, said the volunteers will be required to work for two shifts.

"All shifts are three to four hours," Stockdale said. "We have an evening shift on Friday, and we have morning, afternoon and evening shifts on Saturday and Sunday, but there is no limit to how much they can volunteer. They can sign up for as many sessions as they want.

"When the volunteers need a break, they can go to the volunteer lounge which will be hosted by Slifer, Smith, and Frampton and A Fresh Market," Stockdale said.

"They can recharge their batteries and go back out to help people."

Volunteers can sign up online at http://www.kimballartcenter.org or by calling (435) 649-8882.

"We would like everyone to sign up by July 29,’ Stockdale said. "That way we can be sure to have enough people and assign them to their places."

"It’s a way to show our appreciation," Stockdale said. "The Art Festival relies on the generosity of the volunteers to support and maintain all of our activities. We couldn’t do it without them."

To sign up as a volunteer for the Kimball Art Festival, which will run Aug. 6 through 8, visit http://Www.kimballartcenter.org or email volunteers@kimballartcenter.org or they can call (435) 649-8882.