Voting for the first time as a 6-year-old |

Voting for the first time as a 6-year-old

On Nov. 7, people voted for issues important to them. Mrs. Heller’s first-grade class at Trailside Elementary school was no different. They voted on their entire class either getting to eat chocolate-chip cookies or vanilla cookies.

But first, there was the campaign process. Some yelled "chocolate!" Others countered with, vanilla! Those who were unsure seemed to go with the choice that the majority was shouting for.

Each student got to drop a paper ballot with their choice, into the slot of the cardboard election box.

The final count, said Mrs. Heller, was 13-5, in favor of chocolate chip.

"We were voting for different things," said student Ben Lawson in his reasoning why everyone didn’t vote the same way.

Mrs. Heller then took her classes across the street to a real voting precient, to watch grown-up voters in action.

"They were quiet," said student Carter Hall. "They didn’t say one thing."

"How old do you have to be to vote for a president?" Mrs. Heller asked her students.

"Eighteen," said the students, almost in unison.

Back in the classroom, Mrs. Heller asked students to vote on who makes a better parent, a mother or father? One reply, a mother, because they make good spaghetti! A boy said, "A dad, because they play football with you!"

Mrs. Heller and her class have voted to vote once per month on an issue that affects the whole class. "If there are some rules we don’t like, we can vote to change them," Mrs. Heller said.

As the grand finale, Mrs. Heller asked her class to name the three branches of government they had discussed, When there was silence, Heller said, "what can you expect, they’re only six."

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