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Wait-list procedure changed


People in Sundance Film Festival wait-list lines have to follow new procedures during the 2007 festival.

The changes include that people need to be in line to get a number. The number then allows them to possibly buy a ticket. Before, someone in a wait-list line could get two numbers.

"Everybody has to be there to get the number," says Laynee Jones, the festival’s operations director.

Meanwhile, people in wait-list lines will receive numbers earlier than before. Jones reports that the numbers will be handed out about two hours before a screening. Before, the numbers were distributed one hour before.

They can leave and then return 30 minutes before a movie starts to find out if there is room inside. The wait-list sales typically start about 30 minutes before the start.

"We don’t want to make people stand in line," she says.

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Jones says people in wait-list lines typically are most successful at the Eccles Center and the Racquet Club.

"We let in the largest number from the wait-list line at those two theaters," she says.

Sundance estimates, festival wide, 10 percent of people in wait-list lines get into the films.

Wait-list tickets cost $10, compared to the $15 price on regular tickets. Sundance only accepts cash for wait-list tickets.

Jay Hamburger