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Walk-ins are welcome for Locks of Love

Greg Marshall, Of the Record staff

It’s a Utah thing.

"Women don’t venture out of the box," Jackie Hunn, a stylist at Red Rock Hair Design, said in a telephone interview last week. "Girls like long flowing hair with layers. Or there’s the Utah poof. Everyone is afraid to go short. People should do something more creative."

For the feint of heart, there’s Katie Holmes’ hair. The bolder client might like something akin to Brad Pitt’s swirly shag in the movie "Fight Club." In either case, Hunn said, why should men have all the fun?

Girl Scout Troop 2094 knows that coifs aren’t just for fun. The girls can turn a hair do into hair that actually does good. With the help of third-grade teacher Andrea Solum, Peter Anthony Salon, Red Rock Hair Design and Ooh La La Hair Studio, the troop plans to host a Locks of Love hair-cutting extravaganza at Trailside Elementary School Wednesday from 4 until 7 p.m.

Walk-ins are welcome, but Solum prefers those interested contact her in advance. Hair has to be at least 10 inches long when pulled into a ponytail. Dye is OK, but people with bleached hair aren’t eligible to donate. Gray hair, on the other hand, is readily accepted.

All the hair collected will go to making wigs for kids and adults with leukemia, and other illnesses. People, in other words, who need a little extra love, Solum explained. "I always wanted to do [Locks for Love] because I can’t donate blood," she said. Giving a mane of hair is easy, quick and painless. The most important part of the exercise, though, is about teaching kids and adult to sacrifice to help those in need. A convincing wig can make all the difference for a young girl, especially when they start pursuing the opposite sex.

Solum organized the event last year and was encouraged, she said, by the turnout. About 35 people sheared their back-length for the cause. The sacrifice is made more poignant because it isn’t always easy for people to give up their hair.

"It’s a pretty emotional thing," admitted Arlene Sosnowski, whose daughter, Gabrielle, is a member of Troop 2094 and whose husband, Peter, volunteered to cut hair.

Like many families in America, the Sosnowskis have friends battling cancer. Arlene said Locks for Love has been a good springboard to teach lessons of giving to Gabrielle, who is in Solum’s third-grade class at Trailside. "It touches kids to see others give like that," Sosnowski said. "We try to focus on people who are in more need that we are."

Gabrielle and her fellow troops will be at Trailside Elementary to hand out free pizza and water, just a small gesture of thanks to those who give. We’re always doing fun things like this," Gabrielle said. "We’re trying to get as many people to come as possible."

And who knows, they may just get a great haircut in the bargain.

Just the facts

Girl Scout Troop 2094 hosts a hair-cutting party for Locks of Love at Trailside Elementary School from 4 until 7 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 7. Walk-ins are welcome, but to RSVP, call Andrea at 659-1848 or asolum@pcschools.us.

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