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Walkable communities planned

Caroline Kingsley, The Park Record

Slow and steady wins the race, at least according to Snyderville Basin Planning Commission Chair Colin DeFord.

The Planning Commission has ideas for the corridor along US-40, but those plans entail first updating the Snyderville Basin General Plan and Development Code.

"Planning is not a speedy process," DeFord said. "But we need to create the tools for clustering over there so we can preserve as much open space as possible. We are not opposed to any development there. We’re just trying to do it smart."

DeFord said people want communities that are walkable and serviceable by public transportation. "Where everything is close and you walk to buy your groceries. It’s a push that we’re really slow on in the Snyderville Basin. I really think this will satisfy everybody."

It may satisfy the South Summit County School District, which is hoping the Planning Commission recommends commercial development in the corridor.

The area is located within the South Summit School District boundary, which means that any children residing in homes built along that corridor would go to school in Kamas.

"We respect open space and are happy to let that be as open as the Planning Commission want it to be," South Summit School District Superintendent Barry Walker said. "However, if they are going to approve housing developments there, we hope they would look equally at some commercial development as well. Houses and apartment complexes alone won’t pay the cost of educating the child that comes from that home."

Walker said the school district wants to be aware of what is being planned so they can make their own plans for the future and voice their concerns.

"We recognize, as a district, that we don’t have a say in how they develop those lands," Walker said. "And we don’t want a say in how they develop those lands, but we would like them to listen to our concerns. We really want to be a partner and work together."

To that end, the Summit County Council has started holding South Summit quarterly meetings with area mayors, council members and the South Summit School District to discuss local issues.

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