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Water line in Deer Valley fixed

by Jay Hamburger THE PARK RECORD

A water line linking lower and upper Deer Valley was taken out of operation for approximately 12 hours on Tuesday and Wednesday, a result of damage to the line.

Kyle MacArthur, who leads the water operations team for the Public Works Department, said corrosion caused the damage to the line. The line runs between a pumping station in the vicinity of Snow Park Lodge to Silver Lake. It was not operating from approximately 4 p.m. on Tuesday until 4 a.m. on Wednesday, MacArthur said.

The Public Works Department shifted water supplies normally serving Empire Pass to Silver Lake during the disruption. MacArthur said water service was not stopped to any customers and the water tanks did not fall to low levels.

City Hall, though, Tuesday afternoon issued what was called a voluntary water conservation notice for parts of Deer Valley, including Snow Park, Silver Lake and Royal Street. The notice asked people to reduce or stop using water outside, including for sprinkling, car washing and filling pools.

Officials said they wanted to ensure there was enough water available for firefighting purposes if it was needed.

The episode did not impact water quality and the notice did not serve as a drinking water alert.

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MacArthur said workers replaced approximately 10 feet of the water line that had suffered corrosion.